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Bird Photography Episode#6

Leaf Bird

They are the winged creations of God who can ignite an onlooker’s passion for bird-watching & we have a vast population who not only love birds but do a lot to conserve them.

Leaf Birds are very common to certain topographies in India.It’s a click I took at “Chilapata Jungle Camp” where we stayed for two nights and three days during Jan1016 on a Jungle Trip . Chilapata Forests are quite near to “Bhutan boarder” but it’s in West Bengal near “Hashimara military base”.

The stay there was awesome with chirping sounds of varieties of birds when we used to come out of our Forest Rest House early in the morning.

“Unless we all try to preserve our Mother Nature that day is not too far-off when these birds will be only found in books and internet for our progeny”.

Let’s all take a pledge to save Nature,Animals & Birds to feel the blessings of Nature in many forms.

Dedicated to all Nature Lovers across the Globe 🌎.

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