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•Women• need #Love ❤️ and #Respect 💋

It takes a life time to understand a Woman..

“Love ❤️ is beyond any physical relationship”

May be she is your Sweet heart ❤️ /Girl friend/Best friend/Honey/Wife….

To be honest the” words are worth of the meaning “.

Sometimes I think …..

why it takes a life time to understand a Single Woman ?

Yes I got a chance to read a nice research article in TOI dated 5th March 2017 ,itself being the International Women’s Day.

According to the Research ,there was an earlier myth that Women used to say these three words•I ❤️ Love You• first but it is well proved now that Men have surpassed them.

Researchers say that a Woman , being the one who gets pregnant 🤰, thinks harder about choosing a Mate , considering the Welfare of their future progeny 👶.

I have my own “feelings  & of course I have experienced it “The ones (I mean the Men folk) who love ❤️ and respect them as a life partner or as a friend or as a colleague or in any way get the reciprocal response.

And they are (I mean Women )are nearer to #Divinity as per #Upanishad and not only that they are far more self-sufficient as compared to We as Men .

Let them get their share of ❤️love and respect in every sphere of life . And




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