Hindi Film review…Queen


My sincere thanks to "Netflix & Vodafone" my Mobile network provider for offering me "NETFLIX" s free triall for two months. Though I had heard a lot about the quality of cinema and serials and in particular the audio effects in Netflix from my daughter in US , it was indeed true .Luckily I choose my first hindi movie "Queen" starring my all time favorite star "Kangna Ranawat" from "Bollywood".

The story , back-ground scores throughout the movie as well as hindi songs with english accent are just befitting to the flow of the story.

It is altogether a different kinda movie 🎥 so kool theme and mainly based on how an Indian Woman deceived by her Faience even after completion of the (Ring-ceremony) "मेहंदीरशम" & just prior to the wedding ceremony finds herself the "LOST SHE"in a foreign-land PARIS.

The friends she got for a life-time each from Japan 🇯🇵, Italy 🇮🇹, France changed the way she could ever think of & helped her come out of her deep-loss in her LIFE.

The "sets & locations" are just superb and may be the simplest Theme with a great 👍 leap….


To be honest the END is the BEST and really touched my "SELF-EGO".

•I always say….We all have a WOMAN INSIDE US…that's THE CONSCIENCE & It's always an #WomanInstinct•

I am sure you won't miss the Movie *Queen*.

My first #MovieReview 


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