Fiery Eyes 👀Let’s love ❤️ the #Unknown~StreetDog

“Every one ☝🏾 loves his/her pet dogs🐶….but have you ever tried to catch the glimpse of fire 🔥 in the eyes of a street dog”.

Most of the time I am in leisurely mood I just gaze at the streets with blank eyes to get something uncommon and the last time it was even different from the rest….

“I was on the balcony of my house and wife was busy with her Yoga in the living room”.

Suddenly this street dog sitting on the concrete street just below my balcony with black spots on his white furry skin really attracted my attention…….not just his skin but the best part was his red 👀 eyes…..

“Fire in the eyes”.

Dedicated to all street-photographers and street-dog-lovers as I am sure…..

You love ❤️ Dogs 🐶.

I would tag it to Tether sharing is caring


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