Street Photography~C A N D I D

Candid Shot~I always love to try on exceptions…to mix emotions to my shots.

“Have you ever put your EMOTIONS in to your shots ?” I try it in MOST.

Almost after many days I am happy I am on the right track and I thank my wife for that for her strictures and persuasions.

Almost every morning I get up around 5am and start doing Yoga followed by skipping and light exercises but some times I love to be out of track.

That was Wednesday morning and after finishing a quick Yoga I started for a Photo-ride on my Bullet 350cc to “Bandhaghat” a nearby jetty on river Hoogly in Howrah.

The photography was a bit exceptional as I got some cute poses of Sparrows on the river-side.

While I was about to return I stopped by a Street food corner just near by preparing “Kachuri with Aludum“.I took a cup of tea ☕️ without sugar being a step towards my #SlimTheme on a kulladh(खूलड).

The most interesting thing was the “Cute Girl”standing beside me from the adjoining slum asked me for a food treat and I felt the inner urge and immediately ordered “kachuris with Aludum” for her as well .

The moment she got her share of kachuris her happiness was beyond compare & I could’t stop my tears rolling down my chicks.

I just tried  to freeze a pretty smile on her cute lips……as if she was on the Top-of-the-World.

The happiness was boundless…..and her smiles speaks a million volumes.

“I know she has no fault of her own to be born to such poor parents in slums striving every moment to buy their living”.

To be honest “poverty as on date is the greatest threat to mankind in under-developed and developing  countries like India”.

“Sometimes Emotions over-ride my Inner-Being” & I always bow my head before my own Inner-Being”.

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12 thoughts on “Street Photography~C A N D I D

    1. Thanks and i will be happy to know your name for appreciating my photography….as it just shows as an anonymous comment…thanks once more.I always put my emotions to my shots.


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