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Happiness is Your’s Always

Happiness is such a Domain for which I won’t pay a penny….do you ?

May I know what are your last wishes that made you happy…..and how long was it ?

To be honest” Happiness” as I know and as I have been preached since my childhood by none other than my Mom is

“Nobody’s Domain….It’s Mine and mine only”.

If you remember your own “childhood”….I can once more plunge you in to your very own cheerful days perhaps which you have forgotten…….

and I am sure you will recollect “it was  a mere “Doll” if you were agirl or a “Toy Car” if you were a boy….to keep you happy and amused may be the whole day….

Have you noticed how a kid eats an ice cream….totally engrossed with it’s taste and flavour.Keeps on licking and licking….It reminds all of us how we all were “Happy and Playful” once upon a time….which is a mere past now, because with ageing we all add up so many wants…….to keep us amused the way it is not supposed to be.

No material things from this Earth can give you eternal Happiness because …as every object has a life so do the happiness associated with it.

I will say…..

“Learn to be happy ….just be happy for nothing…..the way a beggar sleeps underneath a tree on a scorching HOT SUMMER DAY….He has nothing to lose…nothing to gain”.



where net gain is ZERO but you are still happy because you are happy for just NOTHING… You are happy because through your day to day deeds you have made so many people around you to wear a smile on their lips.


Keep on adding smile to Lips of as many as possible”



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