Fallen in love 😍 with Nature

You need’t be a Poet to write down few lines on this shot I am quite sure….The grace of Nature in every season has a different scene in store to show-off.You just need a vision to look πŸ‘€ around and feel the grace of God in His each & every creations.I would love ❀️ my viewers to go into depth of their perception and come out with best words like bids of a pearl necklace.

Dedicated to all nature lovers and beauty admirers on this beautiful planet 🌎.

I was hearing some wonderful tracks with my ear-phone on roof-top and suddenly this scenic view arouse my desire to clik this unique skyshot.

Thank you


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  1. Farhat says:

    Most people dont have that inner sight to value the beauty of nature. be it a piece of cloud or a bright shiny day or the thunderstorm the raindrops on your windowpane it always touched my heart aisa lagta kisi ka ansoo behkar sishe se neeche aa raha hai and the rain asman apne ansoo se puri Kayanat ko dhundla kar deta hai da way when we cry our vision becums hazy. and the rain it drives one mad rooh tak ko bhigo ne ka taqaat rakhta hai ea boonde……fir yahi boonde sailaab laney k bhi salayat rakhta hai…

    1. CreativeSiba says:

      Wah Wah

  2. Dreamtemples says:

    Its amazing how the white clouds and blue skies of summer change color into many shades of grey of the monsoon sky. Beautiful pre-monsoon picture.

    1. CreativeSiba says:

      Thanks πŸ™ from heart ❀️
      I love ❀️ nature the way nature loves me 😜

  3. I absolutely love Nature as well. I find such peace, such solace, such comfort, such strength… in short, I find God in it.


    Thanks for a beautiful picture and a beautiful reminder.

    1. CreativeSiba says:

      Thank God
      My blog could make you fall in love 😍

  4. CreativeSiba says:

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    Fallen in Love 😍

  5. Siba! Does nature comes to You to give its own picture into your camera.
    Come peep over at my end, something same has been happening.

    1. CreativeSiba says:

      Very much rightly said Sir

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