Quote#3 *Time is Precious*

There is a saying from time immemorial…..


It means a lot though it’s just a sentence of 6 words only.

  • *Time*the word predicts the *Present Moment* only.
  • No one can *Stop* Time because it is eternal.
  • Those who work in *Time* never repent in their *Lifetime*.
  • We all are here to play our *Roles*only-never forget that.
  • Those who respect *Time* always come out in *Flying Colours* through out their life.
  • It is not necessary that one has to be a *Billionier* but one can be a *Conquire* of every *War* he/she fights in his/her day to day *Life* if one is in TIME.

           It is called *PAST* the next *MOMENT*.

Let’s Respect and Value TIME 2 bear The desired FRUITS in our LIFE…..

So is the case with TIDE……


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    Time and Tide waits for NONE……

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