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Bird Photography#3~Purple Sunbird~

One of my Blogger friend’s interactive comments in to my last post of a Purple Sunbird blog allured my inner love ❤️ for such cute #WingedCreatures to post this shot.

I will not hesitate to name my Blogger friend Dream Temples to whom I personally dedicate this beautiful Purple Sunbird blog.

Actually my passion takes me closer to these winged beauties of nature.That was a lazy sunday noon at Daltonganj in Jharkhand and suddenly this glazed beauty caught my attention and i took no chance to miss this beautiful pose.I took the shot with my NIKON DSLR D3200 with NIKOR 70-300mm lens.

“Birds are perhaps the most beautiful creations of God . Purple Sunbirds mostly live on *Necter*from 🌺 flowers & may be that’s why they are so cuteeeeee😍”.


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