Why I am like Me😜 में मेरे जैसा क्यूँ हुँ~part#2

“Do u know friendship is UNISEX always…beyond GENDER-BIASNESS”

I am sure you have defenitiely experienced “Self EGO”.Friendship is the only Relationship which is beyond “Self EGO”.

But My story is beyond even *Self Ego* in many ways.Here I will give a picture of my own childhood and I equally respect you as well as your own childhood.So please don’t relate mine to your’s……..

my “Experience on Friendship”

I have seen over the years how we all conceptualize *Friendship*.In my words I will always advocate for *Friendship* as the best form of any *Relationship* and I have a reason to say so because i will narrate a small story you can say  from my own childhood.

I was in class 11 and in Indian context we used to call it *Matriculation* final year those days and exam questions were asked from the syllabus of last 4 years ie: from class 9 to 11.

I used to have many friends….of course “boys only” and out of them only we were *Four* including myself who used to be my “Besties”.

I was so emotional a guy from childhood that finally my emotional bonding compelled all my 3 friends to spend the whole days together at my house 🏡 & sometimes even reading up to late hours of nights during preparatory holidays say 3 months before the final board exam.We used to read together and I remember during noon times we all fours used to fish on the back yard pond of our own house with fishing net and luckily I always thank my Mom who never used the word “NO” to any of my mischieves….

SHE IS THE ONE WHO PAMPERED ME…D most may be that’s why I am different😜

Just it was an example of how my childhood days were and where you could get a glimpse of my “Extreme Friendship Bondage”.Even I remember on one instance the situation was so extreme that I recollect my own elder sister ( she was married already)during her stay at our house took me to roof-top and politely tried with a lot of pampering words not to waste so much of time on friends…..That was not my age being in my teens to understand her feelings or views on friendship as a relationship. Later on I gradually learnt a lot from my own life-experience that “Not all will understand me or my level of Emotions”.

“My salute to FRIENDSHIP as it is the BEST among all sorts of RELATIONS

*Be sure a Real Friend I mean if he/she is a Real one ☝🏾 will never DIRCH you nor  DESERT you ever HOWEVER the CIRCUMSTANCES may be”.


Knowing that “Finger prints of NO two individuals are same so the levels of Emotions of two individuals can NEVER be the same”.

Theme:- “FRIENDSHIP” Is pure….pious….& real always…..

“You may call me an “Emotional Guy”.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Your very much right to call your self an#Emotional Guy # a restless soul always carried away by the everchanging wind. Always plunging in and out of the ocean of emotions rich in your thougjts overflowing with emotions and passionately in love with nature .

    1. CreativeSiba says:

      May be you are right the way you have made me relocate myself being in the Ocean of Emotions & thanks for your emotional support….but
      May I know your identity please!!!!!!

      1. Anonymous says:

        The one who has given me an identity is unaware of his own creation

      2. CreativeSiba says:

        That’s the Beauty of creation of the Unseen Almighty 😍😍😍

  2. CreativeSiba says:

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    Real Friendship is always beyond EGO……

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