The way we all pamper our MOMS….

Makes all of us feel happy 😊 and content…..but never the less we are truly proud of our “Fathers” as well.

“Both Father and Mother make a Family”

On this “Fathers Day”I would love ❤️ to pay my highest respect and gratitude to my “Father”a man of “Integrity and Honesty” who has made me  a “Man with Vision” on the lines as ushered by him.

“पिता स्वर्ग पिता धर्म पिता ही परमो तपो”

Though he is no more with me but….

I have a memory to cherish….

During my childhood I had always seen a “barber” used to visit our home every sunday just for haircut  as well as pedicure which my Father was well accustomed of but to the contrary being a young boy I was reluctant most of the time to sit infront of the #DesiBarber & instead I always prefered to visit the BEST SALOON in the Town which I was being introduced by my Father.

Every time I used to ask my Father after returing from a haircut 

” Baba how is the cut ? & he used to reply ” No it’s not the cut I wish you should have” He always wished i should do haircut like a military man.

Though my father passed away in 1990 and may be there after I started doing military hair cut. 

Every time till now after I come out of the Sallon I feel like asking my Father…how is the hair cut ?



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