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I was roaming on the streets of #Chicago exactly this time last year 2k16 and this unique Band on the streets of Chicago playing to the tunes of #life caught my attention.I was there and to be honest the tune they were playing really touched my Soul.I will keep this shot as a remembrance of street band/street photography.

Clicked at #Chicago USA 🇺🇸 

#Life is a #Music & let’s all #Play to it’s #Tunes.

#clicksbysiba #music #streetphotography #chicago 

I would like to tag it to Focus 


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  1. Dr B says:

    Great shot and love street bands and buskers wherever we travel. Recently saw a group performing in Prague who must have had an average age of 80, but they were playing a boogie-woogie type of music that made them seem 30!!


    1. CreativeSiba says:

      That really happens with Music guys…
      The same i saw in a Summer Fest at Ann Arbour this time last year in USA.

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  2. I like to listen to the street musicians in New Orleans! Actually…I just like music wherever it is played!

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    1. CreativeSiba says:

      Exactly I too love street music 🎶


  3. CreativeSiba says:

    Reblogged this on Success Inspirers World and commented:

    Life is a Music and let’s play to it’s TUNES…..

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