In the Loving Memories with Rocky…our first African Grey Parrot


May be for most of the people it will be an odd affair to see a man writing a Blog in the memories of an African Grey Parrot.But,…I am sure if ou hear the story how Me and my Wife after so many long years of thorough mending of mind could decide to keep a Grey Parrot.


It was in the year 2011 and we finally decided to go for adopting a Grey parrot.We bought it from Kolkata through a known vendor and the moment it reached our home …those days we were staying at Buxar, a small district HQ town in Bihar we were extreme happy to name him “Rocky”.

Though he stayed with us just for four years  but his personality still haunts both of us… he was very choosy in his food habits and he was extreme shy to new people around.

It was in June last 2015 , we were returning from our native town and Rocky was quite safe at our Ranchi Home. To our utter dismay the care taker man surprised us by saying that He was unmindful and Rocky was no more.The circumstance only GOD know.How a bird can vanish away…………

In the Loving Memories of ROCKY…our first African Grey Parrot.Today in 2015 we lost RICKY.



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  1. It may come back, maybe it flocked with the birds of its kind.

    1. CreativeSiba says:

      Not possible because it was in the balcony perfectly caged with wirenet and its a mistry.

      1. Oh my God. It means somebody went with it. That is bad!

      2. CreativeSiba says:

        God only know…whether Rocky died in the hands of that caretaker man or anything else…but still now it’s a sad memory.

      3. It’s a mystery indeed. It is only God that can unravel it. You have to put the memory at its right place for now because sad memory always has negative effect. Do enjoy your day. Bye!

      4. CreativeSiba says:

        Yes day I enjoy my day and God bless you too.

      5. Amen!

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