“Chilapata” an Ultimate Forest 🌳 destination 👍

Chilapata…a beautiful Forest Destination.


Chilapata near Hasimara in WB India a most beautiful destination for Naturelovers , birders as well .

Chirpingbirds…I am sure will wake you up….
If you are lucky 🍀 you have a fair chance to get such a glimpse of a Baby 👶 elephant with its parents .

The Colurful watchTowes will add to your photographyeuphoria .

Sunbirds are in plenty inside the Jungle camp to be watched from close .

Wildflowers 🌺 will steal your heart ❤️ if you are a nature lover…I am damn sure !
Clicking a Portrait in the winter morning mist is a delight !

LeafBirds are in quite plenty sucking nectur from blooming wild flowers 🌺.
One of my #Bestlandscape frame I have got there with River & Trees 🌲 in the inset

These are clicks from ChilapataForest 🌳 Junglecamp ….Watching birds is…

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