I rarely say a NO in my LIFE

May be you don’t believe my words in your first interaction but…….

As you start knowing me in due course of your conversations with me….I am sure you will get to know one small trait….

Now I rarely say a NO in my LIFE…

Because I myself have gone through some phases of mild depressions for no such valid reasons and truely my +veness and wife’s support has had helped me to over come it.I can always feel how my thought process had been during my lean days in my life…..

WHATEVER I USED TO COME ACROSS….my first reaction was “NO  NO  NO”.

As if my day used to begin with a “BIG NO”

I am sharing a TOP SECRET…..only a small sentense can change your life and the way you see the WORLD 🌎…..I have practised it & now its your turn….to say

“I rarely say a NO in my LIFE”

Make it your #Tagline and see your life is a PURE BLISS.

It’s our perception how we see the WORLD 🌎….+vely or -vely.


The World 🌎 is the same.


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  1. I just heard on the “Chuck” TV show that the Japanese language does not even have a word for “no”, it they have 730 ways to say “yes”. Don’t know the veracity of the statement, but the principle conveyed is the same as you’re post. Thanks for the reminder!

    1. CreativeSiba says:

      Thanks a lot my dear friend….i try to write my Soul’s words….
      Thanks πŸ™

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