~Love ❤️ is the essence of life~

Learn 2 LOVE 💝 :- the WORLD 🌎 is at your feet….

I am sure you all will agree with me at least at one point….in the name of modernisation we all are running away from our own CORE i:e LOVE ❤️ LOVE & LOVE ❤️ within.

Most of our days we waste our worthy time “finding faults of others not being sure by giving an equal opportunity to find our own faults too & i will say every one of us is rather blessed with some unique qualities bestowed on us which can be well pondered just if we turn around out outlook.

The more we see the good in others the more they look 👀 lovely in our eyes 👀 and vice-versa.

I have well tested it  in my own life and seen “once we forgive and forget the past of anybody may be i am sure that person is not as bad as before”.

Life is a journey to eternityWe all have come here to play our own roles.If bad will not be there are you sure ! Can you get to cherish the good 😊?

Let’s pledge:-Love ❤️ can change the World 🌎.


It can be……i believe in an old saying ofSANATANA  DHARMA“-बशुधेबो क़ुतुम्बकम” means”THE WHOLE WORLD 🌎IS A FAMILY”.


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  1. Beautifully said…..

    1. CreativeSiba says:

      Thanks a lot Madhusudan ji 🙏

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