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•Women with bundles of firewood on head•

This was a shot I took in 2013 at Balia district of Utter Pradesh in India.That was a fine Sunday afternoon and I was going to Balia town,the nearest town of UP  in my Bolero with wife . Balia is famous for *Bhrigu Muni Ashram* of Ramayan era on the banks of River Ganga.

While on the way I saw some #Women returning with bundles of #firewood on their head and it was so impressive .

Women in most parts of #Rural #India always lay their helping hand in running the family but their contribution to the economic affairs of the family is unaccounted for.

Over the years since independence , Govt of India is laying utmost priority for educating #Girlchild and even there are so many incentives given in many ways to promote #Education among #Women.Education among Women will create awareness and it will make them self sufficient .They play a great role not only in upbringing of children but in recent days even they help by giving economic support to their #Family too.

It’s a Portrait of a working lady from West Bengal at a “stay home accommodation” in a remote location Keshyem in Kalimpong.To be honest…

Her facial expression depicts her state of mind and how poorly fed she is ? Isn’t it a pity after 70 years of Independence”unorganised labour system in our country- India 🇮🇳 “.

Let’s respect #Women for whatever they do in whatever the field may be…..

Let them live with #Dignity and #Selfrespect

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  1. Shivangi says:

    Very nice write up Sir! Kudos! Pictures are too good.

    1. CreativeSiba says:

      Thats a real big compliment dear Shivangi

  2. True … one doesn’t have to do much. Just being respectful and acknowledging their contribution is enough….

    1. CreativeSiba says:

      True True True
      Tribar Satya

      1. 😊🙏

  3. Siba says:

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    Let’s empower #Women Globally 🌎

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