~Aura~ it’s God gifted…..let Us be grateful~



Do you know yourage”never decides your “personality“.

Always remember its your simplicity and gratefulness that builds the Aura of your personality which you can inculcate and nurture through your deeds every moment in your life.
Sometimes we feel bad 😔 and it’s natural as well…

“Some people just come and collide with us posing as our admireres but later on they show a different colour the moment they get to learn you and your crystal clear personality”.

I will say…

sorry it’s too much……rather I have learnt would be better to say , over the years from my own interactions & from my own experidnces as a self styled human-engineer:-

If you are truthful to the highest extent……only the Best and like minded people will come and join you and that’s the right moment to feel grateful to God’s glamour.


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  1. Aura of a person can be very strong. It can attract you or repulse you…

    1. CreativeSiba says:

      Yes that i missed to mention

  2. CreativeSiba says:

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    Let’s not misunderstand me 🙏 In any way !
    I write from heart ❤️.

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