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Home…Home 🏡 Sweet Home 

Not just My “CHILDHOOD” it’s 

Your’s as well…..

It’s a typical house I will say my parental HOME of late fifties of the last century or so (even much much before i was born).

But I have memories to cherish with my sweetest moments of my childhood.There used to be a big open space in front of the house where marriage ceremony of all my four sisters as well we two sons were celebrated with much pump & gaity.

Typical old pattern house 🏡 with a big pond 

on the back yard where a lot of indigenous species of fishes , crabs 🦀 & prawns 🍤 used to be raised with sheds for cows 🐮 with their calves were an added advantage to those days living style.

Lot of coconut 🌴trees , mango plants , pomegranate plants and many more fruit as well as flower 🌺 plants of some excellant varieties were there & still the mango trees bear the best and sweet mangos in summer time.

All these relates to my own childhood where I used to play hide and seek and many more games with kids from our neighbour-hood.

I lost my father when i was hardly 27 years and after 13 years again I lost my mother…..

“MAY BE THE GREATEST LOSS FOR ANY BODY”.Yet knowing well that nothing is permanent on this earth 🌏.

In recent days I have developed a very typical emotional attachment….

“Most of the time , when ever I visit my home 🏡these days I like to wander on the backyard,the pond side and staring at the long coconut 🌴plants and mango trees loathed with ripen mangos & the more I am being attracted to my “mother’s memory” of my childhood of most pampered upbringing”

I know well….

it’s not just my “childhood memories” but every one ☝🏾 of my reader friends here,have the same memories spent with their siblings & parents….not just to remember but to go deep in to “enlightened & emotional thoughts”.


In the loving memories of “CHILDHOOD”.

“It’s just not my memories of my childhood but It’s Our Memories of Our Childhood”


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