A Pilgrimage

Mind blowing & the words on my click of Dakhineswar Temple is just awesome.

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  1. Good you shared it here.
    Ranjeeta is my ardent friend and is a good inspiring blogger.
    I have already commented there on that post, you may read it.
    Fond Regards

    1. CreativeSiba says:

      Ok my dear friend Shiva ji

      1. By the way thanks for visiting my blog Sibaji.
        I could not know how you felt about my posts.
        Your name Siba is it a short name for some bigger one or is a joint venture, hahaha, I mean, two names make one. If it is an independent name I wouldn’t understand the meaning. Please explain only if you really want to.
        I am deeply humbled to have come across YOU dear friend.
        Fond Regards

      2. CreativeSiba says:

        I am Sibananda Bhanja but to be short i write Siba

        I will definitely go through all your blogs for sure.
        Thanks for being interactive.


      3. Oh is it Bengali.
        Another pronunciation for Shivananda.

      4. CreativeSiba says:


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