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~Amazing Nature~

“Nature”is the most beautiful thing around us.

When it comes to taking Nature shots,it’s truly different and most soothing to eyes.There will be only “a few”who won’t like nature shots because we are a part and parcel of our Nature.

Indian Farming @Ranchi Jharkhand
My journey as a photographer started when I was too young and the first shots were none other than Nature only .

In this photo blog I have tried my best to incorporate the  shots taken by me so far from different parts of India and USA.

Nature is vibrant@JharkhandTo be with Nature means to be within and self introspecting.

Nature is always not even Green

 for example *Deserts,Seas,Snow clad Mountains* are definitely exceptions. 

Natur Shot from Backwater at Kottayam in Kerala
Hill view@Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh
Silhouette shot taken @Odisha
Morning mist ashot from Buxar in Bihar
Turn & Twist and its a beautiful click taken at Gahmar in UP
Rural India a sht taaken @Odisha
Scenic Nature a beautiful click from Jharkhand
The Watch Tower a shot taken at Chilapata in WB
The Shephard with the herd of sheeps @Buxar in Bihar
Beauty of River  Turn & Twists @Sunderbans WB
Beauty of Hills an even view taken near Jamshedpur in Jharkhan
The Jungle house 🏡 @Neterhat JharkhandNature is always alluring to look at and go in to deeper feelings.

Beauty of Nature is endless & Let’s enjoy and preserve it.Its a click from Bhitara Kanika Crocodile Sanctuary.

It’s nothing but a cashew fruit hanging.

Hibiscus 🌺 is alluring if clicked from the right angle…….

Beautiful snow clad hills all around….a click from Dzuluk in Sikkim.


Viewers may please add their views and suggestions so as to inspire me for writing even more better Blogs 😜.

Author : CreativeSiba

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