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~Childhood Memories🏃‍♀️~


“I am not sure”

 may be this shot will not be so lucrative for the “young Parents”with School going kids for whom seeing their kids entering in to Prayer ground may not bring them to emotional feelings….

“but I am sure”

The Parents whose kid’s School days are a memory only will definitely look back at the above shot and become nostalgic of #OldMemories .

Luckily that day at “Kendriya Vidyala”Balasore , I had been there to drop my niece at the school and stood by just to see these young kids taking Pledge on the School ground before starting of their classes and took this shot with an emotional feeling.

Now a days….we all miss a lot such scenes of kids playing and as if “that’s their real world 🌎 is a play ground”.
I don’t know how about you….but I being a highly emotional guy get lost in my own memories of “Golden Memorable days at Home” 🏡 with kids”.

“Let this memory live long in the softest corner of our heart ❤️”

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