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~PicStory#5 a Memory down the Lane~

That was a Sunday noon…..


~I was wandering on my own backyard with my Nikon Camera in my hand~

(Being recently at Kolkata “The City of Joy” and quite near to my home 🏡 Town at Balasore in Odisha I am a little more frequent visitor to my ancestral house these days).

The house with the courtyard and the pond behind with lot of coconut 🌴 & mango plantations takes me “down the memory lane” where I had spent my childhood along with 4 elder sisters and one brother with lots of childhood memories to cherish.The air has a different fragrance  & the water has gives a different feel…..

For sure I will share the beauty of my backyard with a pond big enough with  fishes a lot along with coconut trees and mango trees a lot around.Many more fruit plants are there & I love spending hours there with my Nikon in hand…2 shoot and ponder 🤔 the Cherished Memories..Memories of my parents give me the solace….

Those golden moments of the past are now just a cherished memory only……

“May be it happens with every one & once we lose our Parents the       relations become just lukewarm”

In loving memory of my parents……


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