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~PicStory#5~My salute 2 #Motherhood

Yes I have to admit

I was of a notion that I have a Big heart ❤️
Now I  swear a Mother’s heart ❤️ is the biggest among all creations of God.

i will say…..i’ts the Mothers from every piece of land on this planet 🌎 may be human beings or animals….they gikve a clear and distinct message…..

For the sake of defending their baby 👶 they can go beyond the boundary…..which one can’t imagine even…

Have  you noticed a small thing in today’s social media….even

Many a times I have seen ladies/women put their profile pic along with their son/daughter which the menfolk lack in most…..

There are several instances where to save their offspring Morhers go beyond the boundary not just in we human beings but in animal world 🌎 even.

My salute and I bow my head before #Motherhood.



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