My 💯th Blog~My Journey of life~

Thank You all 🙏 for your sweet wishes & love ❤️ I have gathered thorough my #Journey_of_Life

“Life is always no less than a “Train journey”

……Without the exact time of

arrival……   &    departure….

  • “You are the right girl/ my Blogger friend” 
  • “You are the right boy/my Blogger friend”


I call you girl/boy because you are right at that age to see the life through my eye’s & don’t worry I won’t “hypnotize”you in any way…


I mean you are that Soul with extra emotions that I will care to be with you always in your life like a friend/ boyfriend/mentor or…………
Whatever else you name the relation

I Love ❤️ photography….
I Love ❤️ outing….

      I Love writing…..I Love ❤️ to mingle…

I Love ❤️ to pamper you…..I love ❤️ to be pampered…

       I Love ❤️ to live     &        let live All…

It’s you & you only….who has motivated me…molded me…pampered me…to be what I am today…..

•A cute little soul in the ocean of happiness•

let your love ❤️ be with me till my last and as my father….late S.K.Bhanja

who was a “Freelence Writer” apart from being an Ex M L A cum Advocate used to murmur while flipping through fictions, books on….mythology,Vedas,Vedantas and what not…

“O God” let me reborn a million times to know this Universe and all it’s awesome creations & just one ☝🏾 life is too short for it”

I will dedicate my 💯th Blog to my Parents for whom I am here…..

  • as well as my Wife Basabi (who molds me & refines me every moment).

Not just my passion……it’s your words from your inner core of heart ❤️ that has always driven Me and my Soul to purify myself to be what I may be meant for by “The Almighty”


Moment I would love to share with my Blogger Friends : Ranjeeta Nath Ghai &        My Friend in Insta & WordPress : Jyotshna

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  1. thiaBasilia says:

    A Kindred Spirit! The Almighty is sure working to join us in His love. Your wife is a blessed one. Give her my regards.

    I used your Sky meets the Land as background I will post in a few minutes soon as I finish the wording. So good to have your like this morning. Here is 9:25 am, wonder what time it’s your way.

    1. CreativeSiba says:

      thats awesome to know that your latest blog will carry my picture…let me know i will like to see it.

      thanks once more

      1. thiaBasilia says:

        I working on the last paragraphs. Maybe one hour. 🙂

      2. CreativeSiba says:

        Ok dear

      3. thiaBasilia says:

        Click my main blog:

        Did not mess with your photo other than reducing it. Does it look good to you? Please let me know. Not only the quality of the picture but! Plz let me know what you think of the content of the post.

        Looking forward to hear your thoughts. Much love, thiaBasilia 🙂

      4. CreativeSiba says:

        i have already checked your blog and its awesome.I have commented on your Blog too.

      5. thiaBasilia says:

        Great Thinker?Aren’t we all! That’s the problem–our thinking.

        Best thing to do with it? Give it to the ONE Who knows what we are thinking before we think it.

        That’s the solution to that problem. I got that solution, and! I’m giving it away for sure not in vain:. Catch it, friend! lol

        Thanks for taking the time to comment even with your busy status. 🙂

        BTW I’m busy attempting graphics design. Puts my thinking on hold for a good spell do tell!…lol

  2. S. K. Mishra says:

    Awesome post on reaching a profound milestone filled in vivid memories and innumearable presentations. Congrats brother, we are always connected with you and proud of you. … looking forward to seeing so much more in the days ahead. .

    1. CreativeSiba says:

      Mishra babu you are a part of My Journey don’t forget that.

  3. sangbad says:

    Sir, congrats…you made me remind I have to check my blog posts count…😊

    1. CreativeSiba says:

      It’s Great 👍

  4. Congratulations Siba on hitting your century…. looking fwd to many more good reads from you👍

    1. CreativeSiba says:

      That’s like striking a century & not out….❤️

  5. Manoj Kumar Bhoi says:

    I gone through your blog ….
    Your passion for life..
    The interests you are developed throughout your life…
    It’s a nice feeling to know you personally as well as professionally.
    Be yourself as you proceed though maturity of life….
    Countless happiness and success is waiting for you….
    Your ever admirer.
    Manon Kumar Bhoi.
    Phulbani, Odisha

    1. CreativeSiba says:

      Manoj ji

      I am humbled
      The way you have spared your valuable moment to go through my blog.

      I will always admire your remarks

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