Cute “S Q U I R R E L S”

“Clicking moving squirrels is not a matter of joke.They are hardly static.You know it very well”

 They are the fastest runners 🏃 and getting them still before camera 🎥 is a matter of chance and patience .I will share some of my best shots of squirrels clicked over years from different location in India and USA.

A Giant squirrel i clicked in USA during June 2016 at Ann Arbour in Michigan state.

It’s a cute one posed before my DSLR Nikon D5300 in my own backyard at Balasore in Odsiha,India.

I just love this shot because of the pose given by the cutee and it’s again a shot I took at Balasore in my own backyard.

Again a lovely Squirrel in pose…..a click from Balasore.

They are so cute and lively creature that I have enjoyed a lot while clicking these shots .

As if I fall in love with every squirrel I come across in my life….


It was My 100th Blog : CreativeSiba 100th Blog

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