~Love ❤️ you Mom~ •Happy Mother’s Day•

Her memory gives ME solace….Her LOVE ❤️ brings tear in my eyes…..

The moment I remember she was the one……

                  Who used to pamper me for no reasons & no expectations in return…..

Memory in #flashback

I recollect my days at Rewari in Haryana.We were newly wed and that was my first posting.When any guests from Haryana was being served any Odisha dishes 🥘  I was the one who used to narrate the recipe in details upon asking and my wife used keep mum and after the guests were gone she used to tell me…

“Hey…what they would have thought  the way you narrated the recipe in detail ? I am sure everyone will think you have cooked the dish !”

 I always used to say with a smile 


I was the one ☝🏾 who was keen watching my mom…😍

Hats off 🎩 

                                                                   to My Mom & all Mothers…..

Author : CreativeSiba

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11 thoughts on “~Love ❤️ you Mom~ •Happy Mother’s Day•

  1. Haha!! Your mom must have been an amazing lady as she brought you up so nicely , You know If she was alive today would’ve been the luckiest mom to have a lovinv Son like you :):) Happy Mommy day

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