~A Live Joke~

That was a Friday afternoon and we both were on a long drive…..

  • All on sudden an idea came to my mind….
  • I asked her why won’t you open a blog site and promote me !Being a woman I was sure ! She would get a lot of followers and fans 😜.
  • “Not bad” she exclaimed.
  • Suddenly I marked she started laughing 😂 thinking about the idea of her blog site .
  • She asked me curiously “when every one will ask me” 
  • who is Siba ?What shall I say ?
  • I said it’s obvious “You should say He is my hubby 😜. She again laughed loudly enough to make me curious to know the reason.
  • She said…”look my dear 💋 instead I will say “I am promoting my Doggie’s 🐶 blog !!!!
  • They will ask “who is your Doggie 🐶” ?

I will say “the one who gives me pocket money 💰 and all the luxury I care to have ?That’s my Hubby…..hahahaaaaa😂😂😂😂


I thought it’s better I should instead “DROP THE IDEA OF ASKING MY WIFE TO PROMOTE MY BLOG

It’s a REAL JOKE on ME…
That’s L I F E…..

Let’s enjoy 😊 it…..


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