~Landscape Photography~a try 

As an amateur i will say….

“Landscape Photography” is the biggest subject in photography .It Includes all scenic & beautiful surroundings  every where around us in our life”.

Every place on this Earth is so beautiful and the landscape is quite significant from others .it’s the Photographer’s eye to see and show through his/her lens the best of it.

This is a scenic picture of Chicago City clicked from Lake Michigan side in Evanston State-Illinois  in USA.

It is “The Sunset” point at Neterhat the only  Hill station in Jharkhand India .It is quite famous for it tranquility and virgin beauty not much invaded by tourists .And it is quite easily approachable being just 180 km from Ranchi the capital of Jharkhand & the best time is Winter and early Summer.

This is famous “Madhuri lake” situated near Tawang the capital of Arunachal Pradesh in India and tourists from all over the world pay visit through out the year for it’s unique landscape beauty as if the lake is sandwiched between two gigantic Mountains . Mainly the road journey from Tawang to Madhuri lake is full of natural beauty with varieties of  colored flora on both sides of the road .It is hardly 70 km away from Tawang & best time is Pre-winter or winter when there is ample chances to see snow clad mountains on both sides of the entire road journey.

Scenic Landscape at Bhalukpung in Arunachal Pradesh .Nature is a Beauty and we need an eye to see it’s glamour.

As if clouds are touching the Hills….. a Landscape beauty from Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh.

Scenic Puri Beach at Puri otherwise famous as Jagannath Dham in Odisha & through out the year tourist from different parts of India and the world visit this Hindu Shrine called as “Jagannath Dham”.

This is “Chandrabhaga sea beach” on Bay of Bengal near Konark Temple other wise called “Black Pagoda”. Every sea beach is quite scenic during Sunset time. It is hardly 80 km away from Bhubaneswar the capital of Odisha in India and well connected by road .This is a click from Chilapata Forests near Hasimara in North Bengal,India .Uniquely scenic and quite a peaceful destination for nature lovers and wildlife photographers because Chilapata Forest range is quite famous for Elephants and Rhinos mostly .It is about 100 km from Siliguri the Gate way to North east in West Bengal, India .A beautiful hilly road near Ranchi in Jharkhand and I was quite frequently crossing this hilly road during my official tours , my posting in those days was at Ranchi.

It’s a click from the beautiful Dagra beach on Bay-of-Bengal in Balasore district of Odisha India 🇮🇳.It was Sinset time and I was there to click some #redcrabs quite unique there it being a tranquil sea shore.

That was a winter morning and the farmer was in the field with a bullock pair plowing the land for sowing Rice , me along with wife on my Bullet were a spectator to this beautiful scenic landscape.and this location is from Ranchi at out skirt the capital of Jharkhand.

This is scenic beauty from a small town named Buxar in Bihar. I remember,that was a winter foggy morning and i along with my Nikon started my Jeep with a hope to get a nice landscape and that’s it.

That was an early morning shot taken from a running train in Odisha while i was on a home town visit being posted far off.

This is the famous “Silk Route”connecting India to Tibet and it is every photographer’s dream shot.It was on my way to Nathang valley from Dzuluk in Sikkim state of India 🇮🇳.

It’s view of Victoria Memorial Hall in City of Joy Kolkata India 🇮🇳.

I will name it….

Silhoutte/Landscape/Sunset Photography

…..a beautiful click at Sunset time from “Rock garden” in Ranchi India.

It’s an unique snow clad hilly landscape from Nathang Valley in Sikkim in India.

Polash in Bloom @Palamu in Jharkhand India 🇮🇳
“Polash”is a seasonal bloom in Palamu district of Jharkhand and it’s famous for it….Bengalies in most visit this unique place during fall winter to enjoy its beauty.

“It just needs a photographer’s eye to showcase the beauty of Landscape Photography”.


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