~Rendezvous with Victoria Memorial~

The view of Victoria from a #360*angle motivated #me to click this #unique #shot.


that was a #lazy Sunday afternoon & I was with wife at “Victoria Memorial” after a long time. We both were wandering around & I was casually taking  some #wideangle shots from different angles with my #NikonD5300+#Tokina 11-20mm & iphone7plus.

It’s a Front view of the *Victoria Memorial* in the “City of Joy”  *KOLKATA* which is famous for British time monuments and memories. To be honest I am not sure after how many shots of Victoria i will be happy because it looks different with every shot.

That was a real #fun taking a #selfie 🤳 with #Wife and Victoria on the background.

•I will dedicate this Blog to all My Blogger friends here•

#IloveKolkata #clicksbysiba #instagram #natgeo #natgeoyourshot #natgeotravel

Author : CreativeSiba

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  1. bhaatdal says:

    Lovely images

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    1. Thank you friend

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      1. bhaatdal says:

        You are always welcome frn

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  2. sangbad says:

    This remind me its being long I have visited the Queen & her Fairy…by the way I also shared a click in my recent post…let me know your words…

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    1. Which blog of you pl tell me


      1. sangbad says:

        11:15 AM…

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