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  That was a Sunday evening….            

                                                        “SILHOUETTE SHOT”

The Sun was about to set and I was little late in approaching the Corridor on the Hill Top at “Rock garden” in Ranchi a man made beautiful destination.If you have ever been to Ranchi the Capital of Jharkhand state in India 🇮🇳 I am sure you have definitely visited this unique crafted garden by cutting the real rocks with perfect architecturally designed #landscapping keeping the #realRocks intact.

A person holding a #Camera in hand can never be a real photographer unless he/she has a inner passion to create a frame from anything coming across , of course I am talking about Sunset/Landscape photography.

I dedicate this snap to my Blogger/Writer friend: Ranjeeta for writing a Poem on this unique Sunset shot.


Author : CreativeSiba

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