~Happines be a Habbit~


It’s your “Dignity” that matters me most in My Journey of Life & I respect your “Privacy”.

We all are here 2 Live our Life “once for a life time…lets not forget it”.

Through my interactions with thousands of people vocally as well as in ciber world 🌎 I can come to a conclusion (in my opinion that) that….


The less complaing attitude we have and the more content we are-the more We are HAPPIER.Wealth can never bring peace ✌🏾 of mind nor can give containment . 

Just like an old proverb “Poverty begets Poverty” the more wealthier one ☝🏾 is the more he/she craves for wealth.Yes..we all need The basics of living.

So let’s be content 😌 in all aspects of life from personal to social & be interactive with the unknown , sometimes they give us a lesson of life which we all need to appreciate.

I will say..

Among  all the creations of God….most complex and unpredictable are we the homo-sapiens….Most of us never know when we change our mind at a subtle level.Only one thing is constant(चिरंटन) that’s “God or The Unseen”irrespective of any religion.

May be I am different…..You have a right to differ

I am born to do mistakes after mistakes…..but I have learnt a lot from my own mistakes in my life and still I am learning….and will learn (till my Last breath).

I have seen people come to ys as friends from different walks of life…get vocal and the moment they see us rising in any sphere (i don’t mean only career path) they become jealous  knowing it well that  it’s in no way a threat for them…..

||Human instincts you can never change||

“But We can always be as humble as always We are born 2 be”

I love ❤️ to live…love ❤️ to let live others as well….

Be humble….

I am your’s…I am your’s  & I am your’s…..

Words from Soul….(not to be miss-spelt in any form)

Words of inspiration as posted  by my Friend cum Philosopher of in Facebook :Pranab Kumar Mohanty


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  1. Rupali says:

    Very nicely written Shibananda ji.
    I just recall a quote by Leo Tolstoy: “If you want to be happy, be.”

    1. CreativeSiba says:

      You are very much right
      If you want to be happy
      There is a thousand and 1 reasons


  2. Miriam says:

    Lovely words Siba.

    1. Miriam
      Thanks a lot
      Can I tag you in my blog as a friend blogger 😍

    2. Miriam I have tagged you 🙏

      1. Miriam says:

        Oh, I must have missed that. Thank you Siba, you’re very kind.

      2. That’s the greatness in you being so humble ✌🏾

      3. Miriam says:

        I’m no greater than anyone else Siba but thank you my friend.

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