~Blast from The Past~

It took 29 years……for ME to meet my Old Boys 😜.

“At last I met my #BatchMates of yester years #1985Batch College of Agriculite OUAT Bhubaneswar Odisha Pass outs”.


Just a call to one of my friend (who is presently a senior bank executive there)on the way to Bhubaneswar , he straight away came to pick me up from my sis house 🏡 with whom I was sharing some of my childhood memories though she is pretty elder to me.

I was damn anxious to meet my friends from Agriculture stream at “College of Agriculture”, while on the way to the college my friend told me that it was the “Foundation Day”,Our “College of Agriculture”was established dating back to 1956.

In the centre on the Chair is our batch mate the present “DEAN”OF “COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE”surrounded by the Naughty old boys.

After reaching inside the campus as if they all were so anxious to see how I must be looking like !!!! because except me most of my close batch mates from #PostGraduate stream are in Teaching & Reasearch job local to Bhubaneswar….the basics of everyone’s physique was unchanged apart from being weathered with time….I loved the Mature looks of Naughty Boys.

But I will say…..

My batch mates are the “SMARTEST GUYS”.

It took few minutes to hug 🤗 and greet every one with those old #college days #NICKNAMES.

We talked of so many things…about each one’s kids and their where snouts & well being .We exchanged our cell numbers & formed one WHATSAPP GROUP . We talked of petty small small issues related to our time teachers and how we all used to make fun of them.It was a MIX OF OLD MEMORIES REJUVINATED.

It was #NOSTALGIC and as if…….


It was a last minute #Selfie of We elites 😜

At last we all dined together and the moment came to say “अलविदा” “Goodbye” to every one as I was about to leave for my job place a #City 450 km far off leaving behind every one….and I returned with a “SWEET MEMORIES of YESTER YEARS”.


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