#Soldiers vs #Filmstars/Polticians

To be honest…

a very recent & sad happening “DEATH OF FILM STAR VINOD KHANNA” (just like death 💀 of any individual) really spoiled my mood the way #Indian #Media highlighted the entire issue.

In a prospering country like #India it’s a very common thing with our so called liberated #Media the way they suppress the news of deaths of Soldiers/Police personnel’s.

I don’t think the way we “Indians” mourn the death of a mere Film Star/Politician, no other country ever does it the same way .During war of conflict on boarders or routine encounters with Terrorist outfits or Maoist attacks here and there a lot soldiers/police die every now and then.

How many Paparazzi/Media guys come forward and make it a point to show case the unnatural deaths of our own Soldiers/Police personnel’skeeping aside the Prime time news show that suits to their pocket…..

To be honest you may agree or dis-agree with me but I will vehemently condemn these #LimeLightCrazy idiots(Film stars/Politicians) who have neither ever rescued anybody’s life nor have shed their own lives for any cause.
My Salute to the Real Hero….

I dedicate my blog to the dyeing #Soldiers and #Police personnels who shed their lives just to save us at the wee hours when we people are cosy on our beds.


Inspired by a fb Time Line post of my Blogger/Publisher Friend:Ranjeeta N Ghai

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