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~Ramkrishna Mission~Belur Math~

Sri Ramakrishna Mission & Belur Math

Belur Math is located on the bank of river Ganga in Belur,Howrah West Bengal.It is the International HQ of “Sri Ramakrishna Mission & Math” .There is a Big prayer hall where statue of Sri Ramakrishna is there & in front of the Deity,there is the prayer hall where devotees sit for hours together and meditate .There is facility of Prashad where more than hundreds of devotees can sit & have their Prasad together.

Front view of Belur Math on the occasion of Barshik Utsabh.

This is the right side view of Main Mandir.


This is the view from the entrance gate side.

Not only Bengalis ,but spiritual seekers and devotees from many states of India like Odisha,Andhra Pradesh,Tamilnadu as well as from most parts of India & the world visit this Math through out the year.

Side view of Belur Math on the occasion of Barshik Utsabh.

Maa Sarada Temple on the bank of river Hooghly,devotees come here to worship Maa and by 6.15 pm this side of the temple is closed to the public .

This is Swami ji temple just on the banks of Hooghly.

One of the best place to visit during Winter season with variety of flowers in bloom and the scenic view of river Ganga just adjoining to the Math adds to the beauty in many fold.

Here are some pictures taken on The occasion of 182 Janma Tithi of

 Sri Ramkrishna Paramhansa . 28.02.2017

Many Counters/stalls were there from different Missions from all over Bengal with local manufactured items for sale.

Side view of Belur Math during Barshik Utsav.

Belur Math  view on the day of Sri Ramakrishna Janmo Tithi celebration 🎉 

Getting a night view of Belur Math is a true rare shot .


I feel lucky because of my present posting I am residing just near this awesome place ‘Belur Math”.

I dedicate this unique Blog on Ramkrishna Mission Belur Math to all devotees of Sri Ramkrishna Mission.


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