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~Bliss of GRATITUDE~

~Gratitude~let’s  📢be vocal on it~

I will express my deepest gratitude.…who so ever have come across in my life in what so ever relationships 😍.

Many a Spiritual Gurus I have come across during several discourses……

have always preached one ☝🏾 MOST relevant ~Funda~of day to day living

* Always express your gratitude{ to the person behind the reason }for the smallest good 😊 thing that you are blessed in your life.

To be honest.

I was returning from my Home 🏡 to my Work place on a fine Monday morning in my official car 🚗 and suddenly I got a notification in my ~Facebook~ that a lady whom I was in interaction with at emotional as well professional level sent a friend request (acceding to my request to send me the same because her profile being mute to friend request ) inspired me to write this ~gratitude_be_vocal_on_it~.

* I always feel

 in a ~Tug_of_war~ real life situation-it’s the feeling of gratitude that brings us to the same plane/plateau of LIFE.

I dedicate this Blog to my Blogger/Publisher friend : Ranjeeta N Ghai

Author : CreativeSiba

Blogger Friend :Jasodhara

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