~Bliss of GRATITUDE~

~Gratitude~let’s  📢be vocal on it~

I will express my deepest gratitude.…who so ever have come across in my life in what so ever relationships 😍.

Many a Spiritual Gurus I have come across during several discourses……

have always preached one ☝🏾 MOST relevant ~Funda~of day to day living

* Always express your gratitude{ to the person behind the reason }for the smallest good 😊 thing that you are blessed in your life.

To be honest.

I was returning from my Home 🏡 to my Work place on a fine Monday morning in my official car 🚗 and suddenly I got a notification in my ~Facebook~ that a lady whom I was in interaction with at emotional as well professional level sent a friend request (acceding to my request to send me the same because her profile being mute to friend request ) inspired me to write this ~gratitude_be_vocal_on_it~.

* I always feel

 in a ~Tug_of_war~ real life situation-it’s the feeling of gratitude that brings us to the same plane/plateau of LIFE.

I dedicate this Blog to my Blogger/Publisher friend : Ranjeeta N Ghai

Author : CreativeSiba

Blogger Friend :Jasodhara

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It's a Signature of My Creativity..... Emotions embedded with words and soaked with my Photography hope will definitely create an Life long Impression on You.


  1. My pleasure Siba…. actually it never occurred to me maybe because I was speaking to you and your pics were speaking to me… since the connection was already there it never stuck me that we weren’t connected on fb….😊.


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