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Rajesh Giri……

That was indeed a strange meet up at Allahabad & the guy Mr Rajesh K Giri is still a good friend of me since 2013. I along with my Wife,Mother_in_law & Brother_in_law had been to Allahabad to see the World famous Maha Kumbha Mela which falls once in a twelve years span.
He was posted as Tourism officer at U.P Tourism Gueast house 🏡 at Allahabad.Just during my enquiry at the reception Rajesh Giri being a outspoken guy came out and helped us by providing VIP entry to the Triveni Sangam on next day early morning.

From then began our journey of lasting friendship….

Few words from his own hand…

Rajesh k Giri~The loaner

•••I’ve always loved to travel, but in 2013 everything just went into overdrive.


To me travel isn’t just about relaxing or being on a holiday; it’s also about venturing out into the unknown, following your own path, and pushing beyond your comfort zone. It means trying new food, experiencing other cultures, and doing silly things sometimes. At its best, travel lets you view the world with a sense of awe and wonder.*

“I have travelled from tinny village to tinny village in different small countries, Some times by train ,some time by foot, learning new customs, seeing the timeless sights and growing to love the people from all over the world who radiated warmth, kindness and refreshing perspective on the true meaning of life”.

“Yes…My name is •Rajesh K Geeri• and I am from North India(Near Varanasi). When I’m not sleeping on the virgin beaches of Srilanka or eating Ema Datshi in Bhutan.You can probably find me living some where in India”. 

On the beginning, I thought I was going to travel out of India for a 2 month trip. I was wrong. That may have been the original idea, but kind of things escalated me and I ended up travelling across the India for 32 months.

“Himalaya got me hooked”

and then I simply couldn’t stop. First I travelled all out through Himalyan Ranges by motor byke, and I ended up in Spiti (A highest mountain highway across of world).

The best part about my various journeys is the people I meet. 

“Meeting travelers from all over the world, meeting people as strangers and saying goodbye as friends, sharing experiences with someone from a world totally different than your own”

I have been asked several times,” Do you travel alone? why?.

Here is my answer ,

”You are never alone! You have nature, yourself, and God , Krisha , Allah, whatever you want to call it. But of course I meet a lot of amazing people during my trip. 

It’s one of my biggest successes in my life that I have friends in more than 80 countries. I mean real friends who I helped to pass some difficult situations in their lives. I can go to their door in the middle of the night, they’ll open and be happy to see me”

 I love every country I’ve been to…because 

“Architecture is interesting, nature is amazing but people and their life stories is what’s the most important for me”

I’m now based in lovely part of Kerala.From where I am working full time for

“Backpackercommunitybygeeri”which is being run by me.

More than this I believe “I do what I like and like what I do”.

Thanking you for stopping by but Keep on Travelling…..🏃•

Author: CreativeSiba

Inspired by Ranjeeta N Ghai

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