•Stop felling Trees 🌲~let’s make it a Heaven for Birds•

May be after doing “photography”for years together this was my first close encounter with “Indian Red Vented Bulbul’s” Life cycle .

These were the two beautiful  Bulbuls whom I met as a matter of chance during my last visit to my Home 🏡 town “Balasore in Odisha”.

The real tragedy of “neo-urbanisation” is lack of natural plants 🌱 and trees 🌲 that were there in earlier days,even in cities. And unfortunately Plants and Trees are no more and the lack of these has ultimately compelled the varieties of “birds 🐦 who live around us”to build nests even on door 🚪 grills…

It’s  Really so strange na ?

But i will say it’s 💯% true and I was really shocked 😳 to find such a “nest” built by the Bulbul duo on the “grill gate”of my neighbour’ house 🏡.

Though, I tried a lot to get a closeup shot of the “Red vented Bulbul mother” sitting on the eggs she was incubating,but I failed , because she became so scary the moment I tried to take a shot and fled away in to woods . The eggs were so cute and colourful and at last I had to console my self with this shot of only eggs inside the nest but my friend shared the after hatch shot of bulbul juveniles….

So cute……

Actually the paucity of time deprived me of spending few more days to see the little chicks 🐥 to come out of the eggs.I will say this was just a mere encounter with a situational behaviour of “Bulbul Birds” but I am quite sure it happens with many more bird species those dwell in Cities .

My motto behind the Blog is “to create awareness among us,the so called “most intelligent” 🤓 creations of God to create an environment where birds 🐦 and other organisms could thrive”.

Let’s all pledge to make this Planet 🌎 a “safe Heaven for all to live the way we all are meant to live”.


Stop felling Trees 🌲 and let the Birds 🐦 live too…

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Author : Siba

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  1. Minny says:

    Nice click and a good message sir…..

    1. CreativeSiba says:

      Minny I am so happy to see your appreciations….i liked it.

  2. Dhawal Sharma says:

    Awesome pics and message , Hats off sir

    1. Siba says:

      Thanks Dear ❤️

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