Photography πŸ“· re-defined My Way πŸ’‹

It’s a “Confession….I need to do”

I never learnt photography from anybody but I do remember , I read a nice book on Photography in my school days.”My Guru is my own Intuition“- Nikon D5300.

Mostly Composition πŸ““ matters most in any landscape / Beach shot / Nature shot/Portrait Photography-its a clcik from “Chandipur beach in Balasore (Odisha India)”Nikon D5300.

i will saycapturing the Right Moment matters”-clcik from “Bandha Ghat on the bank of river Ganga ” (Howrah WB India)-Nikon D5300.

As far as possible the entire scenic view should be within the frame along with a little surroundings-click from “Budha Ghat-a waterfall near Neterhat in Jharkhand in India“-Nikon D3200.

Composing the Picture comes next,what to show and how much to show -it’s a view of “BelurMath in Kolkata India”-iphone7plus.

Sometimes a “Romantic Pose” with a nice background adds beauty to the subject you wish to project-Nikon D5300.

Capturing” The Moment creates the Difference” you can even write a story on it… shot taken at “Dasham Falls near Ranchi in India”Nikon D5300.

Getting the Right pose…we need to be patient to “click the Moment’-clicked at “Betla National Forest in India” –Nikon D3200.

Capturing the Expression counts a lot in a” Wedding πŸ‘° photography”iphone7plus.

Cropping and Framing with tilt adjustment should always be taken care of-click from “Kottayam in Kerala the the Back water”-iphone7plus.

Be elaborate in capturing the right objects in what you click and always think a story for every click…..may be later on it will come to be of use…it makes difference- a click from”Kerala Kottayam”-iphone7plus.

Highlighting the right Objective adds Glamour-here the objective is to show a “caring mother” –Nikon D5300.

Showing the right amount is a must in a landscape Photography with proper cropping and tilt adjustments….show the only things that you wish to show off-Nikon D5300.

Beauty is nobody’s domain .Nature is always naturally Beautiful-its a click of Polash flowers in Bloom during fall winter at Daltonganj in Jharkhand india-Nikon D3200.

Even a cute Squirrel can create an Impressive shot if clicked from the right angle-Nikon D5300.

Symmetry creates a 360 degree View-Nikon D5300.

It’s not a must one should have a very costly camera to shoot.Even a good phone can do wonders provided “you have a vision to put into picture”iphone7plus.

Difference lies in a Photographer’s vision to “see and show”-iphone7plus.

Tiniest Crabs πŸ¦€ can be so Alluring with the right angle of click-its a click i took at Dagra Beach in Balasore in Odisha IndiaNikon D5300.

Right amount of Light a must for giving the right “Silhouette effect” –Nikon D5300.

Invisible becomes visible-its a click i took with my first Nikon DSLR D3200 and its in total darkness with just a small source of battery bulb on the back ground.

Catching the right Colors & expression is a spicy 🌢 thing-This was the click that was exhibited at ICCR Kolkata hosted by” Calcutta Journalist ClubNikon D5300 .

Highlighting small things adds to the beauty in the back ground-click from a small river near “Chilapata Jungle Resort near Hasimara in WB India”Nikon D5300.

Right Background highlights the Object-mere Red Crabs “clicked at Sunderban Delta in WB India”-Nikon D5300.

Perfection is nobody’s Domain….it can be created with an inner instinct-clciked atPuri Sea beach”-Nikon D5300.

Flowers 🌺 are always so catchy Object if clicked with proper angle and some more flowers on the backgroundNikon D5300.

A closeup click needs You to be a little daring-clicked atBetla National forest in Jharkhand India”-Nikon D5300.

Cute “Sparrows” can make a “Cutest Pose”Nikon D5300.

Green is the #ThemeNikon D3200.

To be continued….

Author :Siba


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  1. Indira says:

    Loved all. Beautiful photography.

    1. CreativeSiba says:

      I feel so happy 😁
      Thanks πŸ™ dear a lot.

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  2. bhaatdal says:

    In love with the picture of Gauraiya , beautifully sat in alignment

    1. Thank you 😊

  3. Nabankur says:

    I loved the way you poured your heart in this blog ; your simplicity is reflected in your photograph ; I felt after going through the entire content ; you possibly felt it’s time you present the ” real you” in front of viewers ; it kept me engrossed throughout ; I will wait for more new entries

    1. OMG 😲
      Your words are far more

    2. Your words are far more inspiring Boss

    3. U can check my today blog of different taste
      My latest blog
      You never know ! When you are grown up…let’s live with a passion πŸ’‹
      Let’s live & let Live ❀️

  4. Pritu says:

    Lovely photos. Check insta_pritu on instagram 😊

    1. Sure and my insta is @sibanandabhanja

      1. Pritu says:

        Checking right away 😊

      2. ❀️

  5. Sandhya says:

    Very informative and stunning post, Sibananda! I absolutely loved so many photos that it is hard to name a favorite:) So many of your photos also tell a story with the expressions you have so brilliantly captured.

    1. I will say your observations made me feel It’s worth I took those shots in different moods in different locations .
      My regards πŸ™

      1. Sandhya says:

        You are so talented Sibananda!

      2. Thanks Sandhya ji

      3. You are too ❀️

      4. Sandhya says:

        Thanks so much!

      5. You work up to late hours ?

  6. Loved your photography sir!
    It’s really amazing…

    Do visit my Instagram gallery @insta_hem

    Hope you’ll like my work 😊

    1. Sure I will Sir
      And thanks for stopping by

  7. Sanjoy Chandra says:

    Yes Sir, Blogging is not at all writing….it is SOMETHING more….beautifully described….Hats off to you.

    1. Sanjoy Chandra ji
      I am thankful to you for your concern and just very recently I decided to start writing blogs and I feel happy you appreciated my lines

  8. Anonymous says:

    Yes Sir, Blogging is not at all writing….it is SOMETHING more….beautifully described….Hats off to you.

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