Stop #Racism against #Women


“The woman was taken to a room and asked to lift her dress in front of her 4-year-old daughter.She alleged it to be an incident of racial profiling”.

This sort of news once in a while compels me to think in what way the Europeans/Western people are better in #respecting #women !!!

To be honest my own perception of people from the West were better but I am compelled to say such perverts are always there in every society that me Western or Oriental.

Can’t we respect “Women” ?

Do we need another 💯 years to mend our “mindset”to look at any “woman” the way we look 👀 at our own “mother” “sister” “spouse” “daughter” or any other “blood relation” ??

It’s enough and let’s change our mindset.

Let’s be #respectful to any #woman anywhere in the #world 🌎 and let not #hurt her #anymore in the name of #racism.

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It’s a @clicksbysiba presentation 

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