“Victoria Memorial”every click👀it’s Different😜

Victoria a night time glimpse

I will always say….have a dream  in life and God is always there to fulfill all your wishes
I had a dream of getting a night time shot of “Victoria Memorial Hall” I am really lucky to get my Dream shot…

I was just returning frustrated from a “Craft Exhibition” named “Ustaad”which was supposed to begin today but was yet to start the way it was expected to be…

Suddenly my car was crossing Victoria and it was just mesmerising to see the Queen Victoria glowing with lighting arrangement.

It’s another shot of the same Victoria from a  distance .I stopped my car and took no time take these two shots with my iphone7plus .

I hope you stop by to watch this night time beauty of “Victoria” in “city of joy” Kolkata and don’t hesitate to post your comments please…

It’s a Romantic mood scene from the garden inside Victoria Memorial .a beautiful day time click of Majestic Victoria Memorial with the lawn and trees…a front view of Victoria Memorial….

It’s a beautiful early morning view I managed to click from “Maidan side”view.

“The secret is every time I click Victoria Memorial it looks so different”.

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Author : Siba

@clicksbysiba presentation

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Victoria. how can I ever forget this place. ..for us it was(V M) our rendezvous. during our courtship period . I can figure out each portion of this garden with closed eyes along with wonderful memories of meeting parting going hands in hands . Moonlit evenings with cousins bribing them inorder to go with me so that at home everyone would feel it was siblings day out not dating. Jaane. Kaha gaye vo din. … .Ameen

    Liked by 1 person

    1. CreativeSiba says:

      Ab bhi V M wahi hai….wahi rangat vi.


  2. Nitin Khanna says:

    Even as an photographer i can understand how much it is important to make every picture creative that you capture. Even i started photography to inspire others and for helping them so that they can raise themselves as an photographer. You can have a look on my work at http://www.nitinkhanna.net/ and let me have feedback for my work.

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    1. Siba says:

      Yes Mr Khanna I will definitely go through your web link and thanks for your valuable remarks 👍


    2. Siba says:

      It’s my today’s Blog
      Why I am Like Me ? 😳
      Yes the Universe is a void fusion of circles rectangles triangles squares & lines……..


      1. Nitin Khanna says:

        I will Definitely Go through today 🙂

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  3. Nitin Khanna says:

    Great Pictures and efforts i must say.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Siba says:

      Thanks Mr Khanna once more ❤️


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