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•T O U C H W O O D• 

That was just a coincidence….

May be you will not agree with me…but being an “Explorer”in “Photography”I have always explored “street boys” through my lens and I have seen different moods and expressions.

That day I  was on an early morning trip with my wife to “Chandipur Beach” just a few (10km) away from my home 🏡 Balasore city in Odisha.And i usually go there most of the time I visit my home 🏡.

The difference is…

Though you won’t  get the “waves” we all get to see on any “sea beach”but the #nude beach on low tide timings(mostly during morning hours) is awesome impressive to walk in to the sea with just “knee deep” water .

While clicking some wonderful shots of typical lowtide #mood of #Chandipur beach with a cloudy sky although my intention was to click “Sunrise shots”, all on a sudden this young boy with his sister came along  and I was dumbfounded  to see this Boy with an “unusual impression” on his face.

I will name it……..

“T O U C H W O O D”

“If you look in to his eyes 👀as if it speaks something . I couldn’t understand what was his expression at that point of time but I am sure it must be “some soulful emotions”, and I will rate it as my “BEST EXPRESSION SHOT I have ever taken  in my Life.

Author: Siba

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