Down Memory lane…#Nostalgic Moments with #Family and #Friends

“Life itself is meaningless without Friends & Family”

I will confess I was an extremely pampered kid born after four elder sisters & including Mom & all four sisters used to love ❤️ and pamper me like anything as if the whole world 🌎 was at my feet .


I will say that made my life more meaningful and I grew us an independent soul full of love ❤️ affection & compassion for all . Unlike most childs of our time I was little different in many ways. I was a born caring & compassionate child and was creative in many ways since very early age . I will thank my Mom especially for grooming me to think differently at every odd situations in my life.


 I am sharing some happy moments captured with family and friends at different places in different moods from India and abroad and I am sure though all these are my nostalgic moments but it will definitely take you in to your Nostalgic moments of life .

Moment of Rejoice…captured at “International Photography exhibition” organised by “Calcutta Journalist club” hosted at “Indian Council of Cultural Relations Hall“in Kolkata WB India 🇮🇳where my photography was exhibited .A happy moment captured with some family friends at EcoPark Kolkata India 🇮🇳.Holi being the Festival of Colours….Family get together at Kolkata India 🇮🇳.Clours brightens up the Soul.Moment of “togetherness“…..a click with colligues at my Office .Happy moments won’t last long”… a Family a get together in EcoPark in Kolkata India 🇮🇳.When you are with your Family….the whole World 🌎 is your feet.Moment “Beauty is a sum of smiles put together . A moment freezed from Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh India 🇮🇳.“Most cherished moment” with Daughter & Wife on her 👨‍🎓 Graduation ceremony at Evanston USA 🇺🇸#NorthWesternUniversity2016

Memory that lingers for ever……Click from Neterhat in Jharkhand India 🇮🇳 .
With Elephants 🐘 a click from Dalma Forest 🌳 range near Jamshedpur in Jharkhand India 🇮🇳,  with a family friend .

Click from “Holland” in USA 🇺🇸 a replica of Holland of Europe with Windmills and homes 🏡 of the same design .
Sometimes a shot like this touches my Heart ❤️. “Daughter with Father” is always my favourite shot . It’s from Kuldiha “Forest 🌳Rest house”in Odisha India 🇮🇳.

Posing with my Senior but family friend in EcoPark in Kolkata in India .

Madhuri Lake“in Arunachal Pradesh in India 🇮🇳 is a memory to be cherished with Family .

A rare Moment with my Family clicked at Kuldiha Forest 🌳 range in Balasore district Odisha in India 🇮🇳.

Selfie 🤳 with batch mates at “Leadership Development Programm“imparted by pnb on being elevated to Asst General Manager at “Chinmay International Foundation”Ashram near Kochi in Kerala India 🇮🇳.

Freezed memory”down the lane…with wife and her bro family clicked at Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh in India 🇮🇳.

One of the Best Moment  from Chilapata Forest 🌳 camp with my Friend and his family at Chilapata Jungle Camp near Hasimara in WB India 🇮🇳.

Moment of merry making…..”Picnic” time with all Ladies in Dance 💃 Mood & it’s a click from Ranchi in Jharkhand India 🇮🇳.

Happy Moment from Puri Sea Beach 🌊 Odisha India 🇮🇳 with Family.
Just Me & She…….Chilapata WB India 🇮🇳.

Siliguri days….#Nostaligic moments 

With the Closest Family Friends at Siliguri…..Happy Bday 😍

Selfie 🤳 with Wife… make my Day.

Cherished shot with My Seniors and their Family….clicked at Rock Garden in Ranchi Jharkhand India 🇮🇳.

Clicking with the #Unknown friends.

Click at a Bday celebration of one of my staff member.

Kitty Party 🎉 Ranchi Jharkhand 🇮🇳.

Sibananda Bhanja

“Dedicated to all my Friends and Admirers”.

Author : Siba

@clicksbysiba presentation

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  1. dray0308 says:

    I love all the pictures! Thanks for introducing us to your family! Btw, your Twitter link on your page is broken. I followed you on Youtube and others. 🙂

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    1. Siba says:

      Thanks 🙏 a lot for following me in both and let me check my tweeter link
      I feel pampered 😍

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      1. dray0308 says:

        Or go to your Twitter page and copy the link in the URL window then paste it in the window when you create the link to your page.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Siba says:

        Ok sure

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Siba says:

        It’s my today’s Blog
        Why I am Like Me ? 😳
        Yes the Universe is a void fusion of circles rectangles triangles squares & lines……..

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    2. Siba says:

      Just now modified my tweeter link will u pl check it ?

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      1. dray0308 says:

        I found you, but your link on your page is set as “siba@21aug” which leads to a broken link. Needs to be @siba21aug.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Siba says:

        Rectified it

        Liked by 1 person

      3. dray0308 says:

        It is working perfectly!

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      4. Siba says:


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