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Let’s respect her #Dignity…she is a #Woman 🏃‍♀️

A News last night compelled me to pen down on a burning issue that  “haunts”me since my childhood. Long  back I read a book on #Rape and the Theme was based on the “aftermath” of a “#Rape“and feelings of that #Woman for the “rest of her life“.

Rape…by and large not only assaults her physically but  it tears apart her Soul. It compels her to feel….why ? she has been born as a “Female” and for the rest of her life she lives no better than a “dead body” , heart filled with the agony and hatred for the entire male world .

Every now and then , you come across a news of a lady or a girl being raped some where . Last night there was an extreme shocking news in a leading Indian News Show of a lady of 26 yrs of age and mother of two children in search of a job in the national capital of Delhi being “gang raped” by 5 persons . Not only that even she was locked inside a flat and when she cried for help no body came to her rescue. At last , she jumped from the balcony and a passing by auto driver saved her life.

A Qestion comes to my mind ! Is India 🇮🇳 a safe “Heaven”for “Women” even after 70 years of independence ? answer is NO .

Why  a woman can’t live with her modesty and dignity? Shame on the society which shelters such miscreants to commit such heinous act of rape and roam free without being punished the way they need to be .

The day our Laws will be strict enough to punish them within no time of committing such an act , the way Arabian countries punish , may be they will never even dream of doing it in their life . There are even instances of people commuting the same crime again and again .

Do the Men  prove their superiority by encroaching in to the dignity & modesty of a woman?…..NO

These are the “Rouges” in our “society” & they  need to be dealt with in a befitting way !

Why are these Rapes not condemned by our so called politicians ?

We need to change the mindset of those people & I am sure it will only begin from home 🏡 where they learn Basic Morals of Life .

Let’s all pledge to respect “Modesty”and “Dignity” of every women we come across in our life in form of any relationships .

Though I wrote this article in Indian context but….it’s a Global menace (Women face Worldwide) .

“Let She smile the way she is born to smile”

My own words from heart ❤️.

Author : Siba

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