EcoPark Kolkata…#Nostalgia 👀Nature remix ❤️

That was a lazy Sunday afternoon and one of our family friend with his spouse were already with us since Saturday for spending the weekend together.

All on a sudden , another family friend from Dankuni , invited us for a get together and we all four started from my home 🏡 to Dankuni . We all decided to visit EcoPark to spend some quality time together there.

EcoPark in Kolkata I would say the best destination for we , loners since our kids are already grownup and are in their respective places on job .

The beauty of this park is its vivacity in terms of area and so well the landscaping is done and maintained , unless one visits one can’t imagine .

Group of tourists , I hope they were from Jharkhand were busy taking selfie 🤳 in a typical never seen before Pose .That prompted me to catch this unique shot.

Evening Sunset was truely mesmerising….people were sitting on the bank of the pond area and were enjoying the setting Sun ☀️.The reflection of rays on water 💦 was creating an illusion .

Capturing Sun between leaves are always my obsession .

As the wee hour approached , it was all illuminated with road side lamp shades.Just awesome the look 👀 was .

Truely speaking the entire place was full of such monuments of pride from Bengal. I will say anybody in love ❤️ with nature should never miss such a pretty awesome place full of nature so live all around .

Life is as you see at it…

Start enjoying every moment….

Life never stops…it goes on & on & on…..

Author : Siba

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    Very well expressed

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  2. Arpan Hait says:

    Very nice and thanks to share it…

    1. Siba says:

      Thanks Arpan a lot ❤️

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