Trying something Different…..makes me 😜crazy 

I wish I were a painter 👩‍🎨….

I wish I were a magician 🎩…..

I wish I were an artist 👨‍🎤……

I wish I were a sound 🔊 engineer…..

Etc   Etc   Etc   Etc   Etc……

I thought why not I should try to see the world 🌎 in B/W.

I have compiled some of my Best shots in B/W.

Flowers 🌺 look so different in B/W .Even a theme shot is so different .Nature looks different altogether .River shots are no exceptions .Objects get so highlighted even.Against Sunset gives a different look 👀.Some shots just sparkle.It makes a sense a memory.B/W is best for some clicks .Street photography gets a hipe. Field shots get to look so unique .Monument shots are no exceptions .The portraits in B/W are best .

I am not sure 🤔 unless you say something in words….have you liked all these shots ?if Yes….give me compliments ! If No….let me improve.

Thanks for stopping by…..

Author : Siba

Published by Siba_Photography

It's a Signature of My Creativity..... Emotions embedded with words and soaked with my Photography hope will definitely create an Life long Impression on You.

7 thoughts on “Trying something Different…..makes me 😜crazy 

  1. When I see those clicks it seems a piece of art being moulded with clay by a potter who can view his beautiful piece of art with his heart not with his eye.amen

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