Social Media and Blogging makes you Popular provided you are from a Farer Sex….😜


  •  I am sure a lot will agree and a lot will not in that “Topic“.Being a social media explorer and self styled”human engineer” has done a lot of friends over a period of years through different sites like Facebook, BBM , Whatsapp , KIK , Hi5 ,Tagged ,Instagram ,500px and many more.
  • But one thing in common,I have always observed is the profile most people project(I don’t mean all,by the by) in those sites are a lot different from what they are in real as persons.

I met a lot of Gals,Boys,ladies from different age groups and of-course men and young guys even.But the thing in common was,you can never trust,baring a few,who are as caring as they pose to be.

  • They come for different purposes.Some for scamming,some to deceive in the guise of a lover,some just to abuse,some fall victims and some are just there because people they know are in such social medias.Almost every one were different in some aspect or the other.
  • Mostly I have an experience of “non caring“type of personalities and they just keep on adding more and more withourt caring to know what for they add & some times I had nice experiences and sometimes very bitter encounters as well.

  • Most Interesting thing is that,many I have met in my BBM Friendship,just posed to be real for some days and after that they started to beg  money 💰 for just vague reasons in the guise of Bday gifts 🎁 or so and once you won’t succumb to their demand they will just Block you .
  • The recent trend in Facebook  📚 friendship is a real matter of concern.You will find most users of this site are having not less than some thousand friends,if not all.As a principle, being a truthful person with all the real pictures and credentials in my profile anywhere had always tried to be a little bit interactive in starting days of any friendship but to my utter surprise,I will not say all,but the most even add without knowing whom they are adding.Some I have found are so arrogant and some are so low in their attitudes.
  • Sometimes it’s so interesting to see people send friend request from such profiles which won’t have a real “profile picture”even and the argument they give that putting a real picture is a “threat” to them but they are always so interested to know every details of their friends whom they interact,what a nonsensical attitude !
  • Another fact though hard to hear but a fact is of the same caliber if a man or boy posts anything and to the contrary a lady or a girl posts the same thing ,miracle happens with the Fairer sex’s post….indeed she will get much more likes and comments as compared to her counterpart Male.Yes of course the likes and commments are given by none other than Males only .

  • But I will say,by interacting with different people across the Globe 🌎 has not only broadend my horizon of understanding people minds but I have learnt a lot out of it.Though,We all are Homosepians but in the contrary…
    people are very much “country  specific”/”region specific”,I would say.
  • What to say, even in Instagram I have noticed there are many people from farer Sex with no picture posts in their timeline have many followers …isn’t it Strange ?

Last but not the least…..

Most of the people are good 😊 provided I am good 😊 and no one as yet could harm me in any way thought sometimes they have tried and succeeded in ruining my peace of mind.These are just my experiences and views & hope you interact and put your valuable inputs .

Life is awesome…❤️

let’s live & let live all 👀Thanks 🙏 for stopping by…

Author : Siba


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