Red Crabs 🦀 are Almost Extinct.

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These Red crabsimg_0432 at #Dagra sea beach in district of #Balasore in #Odisha #India is a common sight because this is almost a virgin sea beach without much crowd.It was a lazy Sunday and all on a sudden we all decided to visit the much heard of Dagar Sea beach which is famous for it’s virginity as a sea beach and not much disturbed by tourists.It was hardly a journey of 1 hour 30 minutes from my home town Balasore in Odisha .

The entire journey was so full of enjoyment because of very less traffic and on both sides of the road from Gandhichak till Dagar beach near Baliapal was full of Paddy field and coconut plants here and there.


The beach at Dagar was so calm and peaceful that We all were astonished to see hundreds and thousands of Red crabs running from one hole to another.Apart from it the scenic beauty of the place was beyond imagination.They remind me My childhood days as I used to visit Chandipur beach very often being just 10 km away from my town Balasore where sighting these Red crabs with Cashewrina plantations on the back drop,was a common thing.But honestly speaking with growing number of population and tourists at Chandipur these Red crabs are a rarest thing these days.



Through my article I would request every responsible citizen to respect nature and let’s all try to leave these rare extinct species to grow in peace and tranquility.

Let’s try our best not to disturb these tiny beauties of Our Planet.

Let’s not further destroy #Virgin “nature”in any way because If we dont care for #Nature ….

Nature will stop caring for Us.

Author : Sibananda Bhanja

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  1. Miriam says:

    Lovely post and I so agree with your words. We all have a responsibility.

    1. Miriam till now I am learning to write photo story only
      A lot to learn yet

  2. MAHESWAR Dash says:

    Very good efforts

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